CodiceQ   CodiceQ, the Dairy Management software

Main features:

·     Basic Module: records of dairy farms, cooperatives, depots, associations, analysis laboratories, other milk suppliers and in general factories, sanitary check, other tables

·         Multi-company management: interface for the automatic export of output towards excel, word

·         Interface for the automatic export of output towards excel, word

·         Dairy farms: configuration of information concerning milk collection, quotas, administrative data, purchaser pluralism and succession, certificates, schedule, guarantee management, multi-stable management

·        Cooperative management, also with details per partner.

·         Milk collection module: milk collection route, manual or through a handheld device, automatic conversion between units of measurement; printing of transport register as expected by law; truck company management and payments

·         Chemical analysis and quality: analysis management in order to normative, quality, milk payment, high-quality; automatic import from analysis laboratories; multi-table calculation for the determination of bonus/penalty quality; regional contracts and private contracts; simulations; simultaneous application of calculations; highlight of out of range values; statistics; mass analysis, internal analysis

·         Milk payment calculation: different milk prices, local contracts management, other payments options

·         Farm Financial Accounting Module: milk payment calculation: different milk prices, local contracts management, other payments options; Farmer’s Pay-Out/Billing: Defining Period of Payment including milk, quality, local contracts, other costs

·         Payment management

·         Administrative statistics per farm/ product/ period, with totals and details and average price

·         Interface with managing programs for the data transmission of invoicing. Standard interface or customized

·         Transport Pay-Out/Billing Module: different price per truck company or per route; transport payment calculation: carrier invoices; administrative statistics per carrier/ transport cost, with totals, details, average price; interface with managing programs for the data transmission of invoicing

·        EU regulations: EU regulations regarding milk quotas; interface with national IT system for the transmission of monthly milk amount; farmer's or other other milk suppliers milk logbook; super levy calculation with forecasts; milk amount corrected by the real fat content;

·         Management of non-compliant raw milk: practises for farms, documents for sanitary check Institutes

·         Documents: documents archiving; codiceQ to Microsoft Word® documents creation with a MS WORD® template (mail merge like); documents to farms; sms to farms feature; labels and Barcode labels to farms feature

·         Statistics: historical and statistical consultation per farm, dairy, transport company, per analysis, per quantity

·         Utility: internal utility for backup/restore of database; user profile access with password security; user management; locking records from a date

·         Traceability of the milk: traceability of the milk from the plant to the dairy farm; management of tank , collection and production lot, cheese ripening, depots, sales to customers, input/output to and from ERP software

Overview: the software is a comprehensive system for the management of milk purchased from producers. The software, developed by us, is easy to use and understand. Is suitable for any size dairy company, from the smallest to multinationals, and in any language. Used in local or geographic network via Terminal Server

Platform: the software runs on Windows® operating system in all its 32/64  bit version

Hardware and software requirements:

  • HARDWARE: Workstation o Server. 128Mb RAM , mouse, monitor SVGA (1024X768)
  • SOFTWARE: Microsoft Windows® operating system in all its 32/64 bit version
  • DATABASE: Microsoft SQL Server® vers . 2000 or later, Desktop Engine MSDE or SQL EXPRESS
    IBM DB2® universal database v.7.0 or later

Multilingual: the software can be translated in all languages by an internal dictionary managed by the user.

Multi-company: the software is multi-user e multi-company. Unrestricted independent farms can be managed within multiple databases


  • accounting interface with most management software: small business, medium business, SAP®
  • integrated with Microsoft Office® - Excel®, Word®, Outlook®
  • interface with handheld computers , palmtops, milk automation system to automatically enter the amount of milk purchased

EU regulations: the program is constantly assisted and updated. Updating foresee well-timed adaptation to normative in milk quotas, milk quality and other local regulations and continuous improvement directly suggested by users. Updating are distributed via internet.

User's Manual: the software is equipped by user manual and release notes.

Help-line: we have an help line number. There is also an active service VPN for data links, if arranged.

References: the software is the result of an experience arise from 1993 into the dairy field. At present the program count about 150 installations in Italy and an installation in Portugal. It is installed in industrial dairies, farmers cooperatives, dairy farmer associations, consultancies


Web interface for milk producers. Available: quantitative milk, analysis, billing module.



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